Saturday, April 6, 2013

student motivation linkup..


I am linking up with for her Saturday student motivation linkup...
basically...mine is pretty simple... I have this pocket chart and if we all stay on green for the day.. we get a red house cut out.. like everyone in the house stayed on green... then, when we get 10 houses we get a party (popsicle party, cupcake party, popcorn party, chipbag party, rootbeer float party,etc)... if an individual student stays on green all day they get a sticker for the day... (you can also use a stamper.. which I will switch to because its waaaay cheaper)... and when the student gets ten stickers they get to go in the prize box which is filled with toys from the dollar store, goodwill, jewel, etc...

Now.. for academic motivation... I put in a husky buck (thats the school motivator)... in their journal when they write something really good or interesting... its like a surprise when they open it.. I also respond to every journal they write.. if its personal to them, they will be motivated to read it... they will come up to me and ask me to read what I responded.. I never do.. I always say,"you can read it"... its a great motivator!!

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