Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Check, check....

ok y'all.. I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish on my spring break... and I have now accomplished 3 of the items...
I got this cute little bin at Marshalls... this accomplishes the "Martha Stewart up my house" goal...
Next, I did my taxes!!! I have told you about Angela Andrews and how she has changed my life.. well she kind of gave us a challenge... she said alot of people are so intimidated by math that they don't do their own taxes...so.. I took the challenge and I am sooooooooo happy!!! I did Turbo Tax and I would definitely recommend it... it was really easy.. (for full disclosure: I did it the first time and it had me PAYING 19000.00... so we reassessed..) but in the end.. I have always had a problem finding someone to do my taxes.. it seemed every time I would find someone they would retire... then I went to H&R Block and WAAAYY overpaid... then last year I paid about 190.00 for someone to do them.. so this time... paid a total of 75.00 for the turbo tax, filing, and illinois filing fees... the least I've ever paid..... so do I recommend Turbo Tax? Sure... but give yourself like a day to figure it out... you'll probably only need an hour.. but then  you'll need a draaaaaank!!!!!


  1. Bahahahaha! I haven't done my taxes yet! But I do always use Turbotax and love it.

  2. I'm soooooo happy I did!!! It's done, and now I just look forward to the refund:)

  3. "Martha Stewart in your house" goal :) too funny! love it!