Thursday, April 11, 2013


Now THIS is dirty!!! I LOVE me some!! But my hubsband hates them!! Whenever a wonderful package comes in the mail with some lovely boots.. he is like," You're a hoarder... no more boots!!!"... welllll.... I haven't ordered anything from them for like a month... so I go on.. find these lovely boots...Dollhouse Yarn Buckle Mid Calf Riding Boot ( I know.. right???) and the website has gone and reset my password.. I've checked the email..  nothing.. so what is this? some kind of message from the universe not to get the boots???NO UNIVERSE!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
(in the spirit of honesty... I did order the following as well today... this lovely owl figurine...and these if the universe is playing a dirty trick on me..  thats my dirty for  and  


  1. Those boots are sooooo CUTE! Husbands... they just don't understand our need for multiple pairs of boots ;)

    1. I know!!!! the things a good pair of boots can cure...
      * a bad mood
      * someone being rude to you in a store
      * grocery store being out of something
      *a co worker looking better than you
      I could go on and on...