Friday, April 12, 2013

A non link up link up...

 ok.. Remember when I told y'all that I was so happy to have my 10 followers?  well comments make me  even happier... whenever I get a comment I have to know who its from.. so when Courtney from
   commented on how important our boots are for the ladies.. I had to see who she was.. she is super cute!! (and her baby is super duper cute!)  she had this on her blog.. its not a link up.. but I 'm kind of making it one....

(Courtney and baby... soooo cute!!!)

Loving: having time off.. having time to myself to think.. regroup.. get back to work.
Reading: I just started "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn.. I loved "Gone Girl" so I have high hopes..

Learning: to sleep w/o Ambien.. I love Ambien.. but I have to use as needed 

Trying to: get my dad's chair into this house w/o having a truck... I'm getting rid of one of our couches and replacing it with a leather chair and ottoman from my dad's house (see post: piece by piece)

Excited for: Our 19 year anniversary!!! Swoosh does that make me sound old... I got my hubsband this a present (good thing he never reads this blog...)

Wishing: I had another week of spring break!!!!!

Needing: To put some highlights in my hair.. its an arduous process that I am not looking forward to...

So!! Now go over to and see HER answers!!!

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