Thursday, April 18, 2013

My conversation with Suzanne

Ok.... I have wanted this comforter for so long.. its like edelwiess white... it was on sale at Target.. so I stand there and look at it for about 15 minutes....
... "you know its not going to stay that white"
I know.. but its sooo pretty.. it looks like the page in Country Homes..
"Those dogs don't care about Shabby Chic... they are going to go out in the mud and then run back in to wipe their paws all over it"
I'll put a quilt down... and there is such a thing as Clorox....
"Good luck with that.. you're going to have to get it professionally dry cleaned.. then what are you going to do?"
NO!!! I can wash it in the washing machine.. and summer's coming.. so I can dry it outside...
YOU ARE DREAMING!!!! its going to have paw prints all over it!!!!
Well thats a risk I'm willing to take!!!

You can see who won.

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