Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Day Sunshine...

sweater: Merona
scarf: H&M clearance
jeans: Dots
Shoes: Rue 21
Good Mood:: Spring!!!
Good Morrrrrrrnnning!!!!! The sun is out... the birds are singing... it will be a great day!!!
Thank you as always for stopping by... Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!
The reason for my good mood besides springtime.... my neighbors are putting an addition on to their house.. new siding.. new windows.. the whole bit.. it looks really nice.. so  hubsand and I.. NOT Mr.and Mrs. Fix it... have a gutter falling.. so the fix it guy.. RIck.. he comes over and offers to fix it for 60.00...and now today he is fixing my fence for we're gettin our act together!!!

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