Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My top ten rhoc quotes of the week...

ok... y'all.. this Real Housewives of Orange County..... its like a canker sore... it hurts.. but I can't stop feeling it.... but this week... these ladies... uhhh.. where to begin...
1. "he he he... soooooooooo amused..." I wish I could express how much I cannot stand this gal... she is sooooo annoying...
2. "if you're "into a new group of friends, think about how you're coming in".. shut up!!!!!! Who are you????
3. " I'm not sure how long Slade's going to be gone.. of course that's going to be difficult on me"...Who is worse?? Genital warts Slade or wildly self absorbed Gretchen???
4. "Do you work????" This is the Vicki standard greeting...
5. Try to hear through the teeth... " I run a magazine, I'm a jewelry designer, I'm a model, I'm a Christian, I'm missionary, I'm a hairdresser, I'm  a model for many dentists," this gal has about 45 jobs"
6.  Upon the above "entrepreneurs" answer, "oh.. good, good... good.. right... great.. good.. good good..."

7.        Alexis.. "As business women.. we support each other... " business women??? what "business" does Alexis run?? oh.. the dress line... riiiiiiiight......

8.  "Do you have kids Gretchen?" Gretchen: no "Oh.. well you must have a boyfriend.. you're so pretty".. Gretchen: yes
huh?? Gretchen is at a loss for words???? bring this Lydia back!!!
9. ok.. then Gretchen asks Vicki... " you have a baby??" to Vicki... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... like Vicki could have a baby??? Please!!!
10. then Vicki goes," its Briannas baby Gretchen and if you look on that as a negative.. shame on you!!' and trust me.. I am NO fan of Gretchens.. but she was like making a joke!!!
OOOOHhhh... these gals are soooooo hilarious!!!
bonus!!! Heather again... " Don't you point your finger at me..." thats right girl!!! Don't you let ANYONE point their finger at you!!! you're too good for that!!!


  1. i'm a sucker for reality shows, even bad ones! i've only seen a few of these but would watch them!!

  2. Girrrrrrrrrlllllll... these ladies are a trip!!! Trust me.. just dvr it.. you can watch it in like 25 minutes...