Saturday, April 6, 2013

Get out of my head!!!

My sister has this philosphy about people that you don't like or just CANNOT get along with no matter what.. its that they were "messed with" as children... so when you can't get along with someone you can feel sorry for them because they may have been "messed with"... It is like a coping mechanism... This theory is hit or miss...
When things happen with someone that are unfair or unwarranted.. it  is soooooooooo hard to stop thinking about it and going over it and over it again and again.. having imaginary conversations with that person... threatening them with legal action... getting vindicated in your head through the constant reenactment of the incident...I don't know if you do this.. but I do... tv eases it.. because then you forget for a while..... but then... it all comes do you get that person who wronged you out of your head??? I watched a documentary that said that massive doses of niacin can improve your mood.. I am on it.. so I took 2 niacin( that really isnt' "massive dose, but whatever) and all I got was a buzzing feeling.. so now I take one a day... I am trying to convince myself that the niacin will calm me and I will be able to let go... any ideas????

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