Thursday, April 18, 2013

huh? wha?

Here I am at about 8:20 a.m this morning... now.. how does this happen?
I woke up late by about 5 minutes.. got up.. dragged Jack's butt out of bed.. let out my dogs.. took a shower.. When I got out of the shower.. Jack comes back and says he has late arrival today due to the rain.. so I check my email.. and lo and behold... My school is CLOSED today due to the rain!!! huh? wha? April 18 and we have a weather day????? I've never heard of this!!!Now I have to break the news to Jack that I don't have school and he does..( he HATES when he has to go to school and I don't... ) so I deliver the news and go back to bed... however... he won out in the end because they closed his school too!!! Good news: no school.. shopping.. more sleep...
Bad news: last day of school: June 5!!!G R O S S!!!!


  1. that is a nice surprise! our school's power went out yesterday - it was crazy! was kind of hoping it wouldn't get fixed by today but it did!

  2. A rain day!? That's a new one! June 5th? Eeeeeekkkk! Nooooo!

  3. I know!!!!!! I am so bummed!!! The kids minds are done aim may 5!!!