Sunday, April 28, 2013

ok... I've been at this blogging business for about 5 months now... and people who have blogs that I love have all these super cool pics with captions... and I'm like Wilma Flintstone over here like, "how'd they DO that?????"... well enter Wilma Flintstone 2.0 because I figured it out... its an app!!!!!! instafonts!!!! and heres what I did with it...
1. ok... I went to Goodwill and SCORE!!!! got two Norman Rockwell pics.. LOVE Norman Rockwell... who doesn't???

The lower one is new.. the top one I've had for a while..

I used to have two couches in this room.. it was nice.. but alittle crowded.. so my dad who I've told you.. is getting rid of everything he owns.. sold me this black chair.. its older than me... I love this chair... and I moved the couch from the man cave up to the lr because it has the nails like the chair 

this couch is more man friendly...

this is the chair.. my dad is a big time smoker... so the chair reeks of smoke.. I'm working on it....but unitl I figure it out.. the dogs won't go near it.. they keep looking at it like, "Wheres the couch???? Woman!!! now we have to lay with you..."
This is just for fun... to show my skills...

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